Marketing is all about responding to changing dynamics, trends and preferences of your customers. When entering a new market, companies often find themselves strapped for marketing resources to respond to a rapid or unexpected change in the business.

Marketing & Sales


Other than operational and logistical challenges, there is also the important factor of cultural knowledge. Remote control marketing, therefore, is not an option. You need a local marketing partner.

Think of Zenaust as having a marketing department without having to employ anyone. At Zenaust,
we offer a full and dedicated marketing and sales services for consumer goods and healthcare products in Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries.

We have a long-standing track record in brand-building and service all relevant channels, customers, and outlets. Our reach includes small corner shops as well as giant shopping malls and this comprehensive coverage ensures your marketing initiatives connect with your customers wherever they are.
Our in-depth knowledge of local cultures and consumer
behaviour helps us assist you in creating effective marketing communication for your product or service.

Benefits for your company

  • Unique approach with best understanding of cultural insights to enhance and customize marketing and sales strategies and activities
  • Up to date market surveys to asses market requirements, determine relevant outlets, market visit frequency and volume and frequency of client and competitor brands stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • Experienced and skilled staff on the ground with great knowledge of brand-building experience in all consumer goods and healthcare categories
  • Key account staff and merchandisers to handle key accounts
  • Modern & General Trade teams, Gas station teams, Medical teams and other channel-specific teams
  • Cash vans, concessionaire systems, and wholesaler networks to handle the smallest outlets


With a professional set up and infrastructure, Zenaust has years of successful track record in launching & marketing healthcare and consumer goods in Asian markets.


In the business for nearly 20 years, Zenaust has won the trust of clients from all over the world with our professional service and performance.


It takes a lot to succeed in a foreign market. A resourceful partner like Zenaust can help you all the way.


Regulatory Affairs

Working as your local outsourcing partner, Zenaust is fully equipped to handle all matters relating to the local rules and regulations of countries in Asia.



At Zenaust, we assist our clients in conducting market research so that they are able to take well informed decisions while taking their first steps into a new market in Asia.


Marketing & Sales

Marketing is all about responding to changing dynamics, trends and preferences of your customers. 


Distribution & Logistics

Having a strong distribution and warehousing strategy is critical to success in today’s global environment.


End-to-End Customer Services

It is well known that all marketing efforts and strategy cannot be successful unless there is backing of good customer service. If anything, it is probably more true in Asia.